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Graduation Requirements

Environmental Academy follows the state mandates for graduation requirements with a few additional courses included that follow our mission statement. 
Please note that even though graduation requirements have changed, and may continue to change, each graduating class will be accountable for satisfying the requirements as they existed when enrolling in high school at WEA.

Members of the class of 2014 and all subsequent classes must satisfy the following graduation requirements:  

  • English Language Arts - 4 units

  • Mathematics - 4 units 

  • Science - 3 units

  • Social Studies - 3 units

  • Electives - 5 units

  • Health - 1/2 unit  

  • Physical Education - 1/2 unit

Other Requirements:

  • Economics

  • Financial literacy

  • Fine Arts

  1. Mathematics units must include 1 unit of Algebra II or the equivalent of Algebra II.

  2. The Ohio Core allows school districts to adopt a policy that would except students who participate in interscholastic athletics, band or cheerleading for two full seasons from the physical education requirement.  Students must take
    another course of at least 60 contact hours in its place.


  3. Science units must include 1 unit of Physical Sciences, 1 unit of Life Sciences and 1 unit advanced study in one or more of the following sciences: Chemistry, Physics, or other Physical Science;  Advanced Biology or other Life Science; Astronomy, Physical Geology, or other Earth or Space Science.

  1. Social Studies units must include ½ unit of American History and ½ unit of American Government.

  2. Electives units must include one or any combination of Foreign Language, Fine Arts, Business, Career-Technical Science or Social Studies courses not otherwise required.

  3. All Students must receive instruction in Economics and Financial Literacy during grades 9-12 and must complete at least two semesters of Fine Arts taken any time in grades 7-12.  Students following a Career-Technical pathway are
    exempted from the Fine Arts requirement.


The graduation (commencement) ceremonies are presented by the Board of Education as an honor to the graduates and their families. Participation in these ceremonies is considered a privilege and the privilege may be denied for violations of the Code of Conduct, Board policies, state and federal law or other egregious actions. No student who is credit deficient will be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony or receive a diploma. No student shall participate in the graduation ceremony or receive a diploma if he/she has not paid all fees and/or fines owed to the school. In addition, no student shall participate in the graduation ceremony or receive a diploma if he/she has not met the requirements for passage in all areas of the state mandated Ohio Graduation Test. 

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